Psychic Readings


A Sentient (sensitive person), helps the Sitter by accessing support from a realm not yet understood by science, though regarded as an ability derived from an enlarged pineal gland. You cannot quantify a non-postulate so it makes no sense to a linear mind, but to those with an open and evolved consciousness, it provides profound insight and meaning. In a psychic reading you can speak to departed beings (human or animal), get clarity and direction in your life, and/or understand people and situations that come into your space. Anything you need to know becomes available to you and suddenly it all makes sense.

Readings last 2 hours and are all digitally recorded. 

Some people need healing, some information, while others want insight into their health- it provides profound relief once you’ve seen a good psychic which is why 7 out of 10 Americans use them. There’s nothing to be scared of and everything to gain – many accomplished business men, politicians, tech innovators, celebrities, hairdressers, plumbers and even holy people use their abilities. It doesn’t matter where or how you get your information, just put aside self and receive it. Go forward and stop wasting time in this life. God helps those who help themselves and blocks are easy to overcome once you know what they are, and how to release them. The whole Universe is there for the open mind and now is the time to begin your voyage of self- discovery, and find that part of you left behind so long ago.

Please note all products are non-refundable, and buyer may choose to record sitting though it will be recorded digitally by Angel if requested. All readings are HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, and treated with the utmost secrecy. When payment is received and appointment is arranged, Angel will email sitter with further details for preparation. It doesn't matter how far away you are, Angel sees clients from all corners of the world.