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I'm a psychic, medium and clairaudient. I have been giving readings for over 50 years and have taught thousands of psychic classes. I deeply care and want to give you help and guidance. If that little voice inside your head keeps telling you to reach out to me, it's time.

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psychic reading

The Ancient Egyptians Consulted "Oracles"

This was a fancy name for psychics. Many oracles would sit on a golden tripod above caverns that gave off narcotic fumes, making them hallucinate. Alexander the Great consulted oracles prior to every battle.  All ancient civilizations used them; Rome was even built with bird auguries. The starving Neanderthals, who struggled to survive in the Ice Age, also used a seer who'd go into trance and tell them where to find food.

psychic reading

You Are More Than Skin & Bones

Science concludes that we are mainly composed of water, .98 cents worth of chemicals and a little zap of electricity. We cannot perceive 98.9% of all energies going on around us. It helps to find another who is not 3rd eye blind. 


 I wanted to tell you, too, that my grandmother came in a VERY vivid dream last night. She brought me paints. And she brought my paternal great-gran, whose kiss I swear I physically felt on my cheek. I felt it!  Thank You for opening me up to this amazing phenomenon.


Angel, my brother is so happy and healthy and I know you don't hear it enough but you changed our lives. I'm sure you don't hear how impactful you are. You are a true blessing and in my eyes you are an angel that God gave as a gift to help people here. I can't thank you enough, instead of my brother going on a bender to deal with the death of our mom, he embraced it and is happy.


I have had readings with Angel for  over 20 years, and her accuracy still astounds me. She's also super easy and fun to talk too- there's no judgement.


My husband of 60 years had passed away and it was critical I find certain papers. Angel not only told me where they were but what color folder they were in. It kept the bank from closing on my house. It was kind of spooky.


I don't know how Angel does what she does, but its truly amazing. I think God sends us these gifted people to the earth, to help us on our way.


Angel is really good with medical issues. She solved an illness that had plagued me for years. None of my doctors could help- some even said "it was all in my head". I had lost all hope until Angel pinpointed the issue and how to fix it. She also helped with my dogs health. I think more highly of her than any physician.


Angel, I am so appreciative and trying to comprehend all the information and feel my small flame inside has been fanned and my soul has been nurtured. Almost like Shea butter for my soul. It is truly beautiful what you do.


You have brought such peace and happiness into my life in a year when I never thought I'd see the light again


I wanted to tell you after we spoke- and I confirmed we were all being abused by our boss for years you said, "She has to go. We need to invoke the spirits to get her gone."  To my shock, 24 hours later, she was fired! No one saw this coming- except you. I can't remember ever being this happy! Thank you for helping us Angel. 

psychic reading

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psychic reading

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It’s fun to do Psychometry…

My Grandmas pearls...
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psychic reading

It’s fascinating to see who you once were….

Who was I?

Old school. No need to be present now.

Time really is going faster. A reading can help you navigate the future- and understand the past.

"Just do it."


Angels Among Us

Do you know what the only common denominator among all religions, including those in in the deepest, darkest jungles who still live in mud huts is? Angels. They are all around us, but you must ask for them to intervene. Besides Angels there are Guides and Kindred Spirits and those souls we lost along the way- which includes our beloved animal companions.
psychic reading

Heavenly Jewelry

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