Psychic School

If you are interested in learning about classic metaphysics as well as practice, based on the Ancient Mystery School Studies, please contact Angel to be put on the waiting list for an interview. 
Classes will be held online, once a week for 6 weeks covering all aspects of psychic development. Classes will last 2 hours, and occur 1 night per week. Students will learn the ancient history of the designated subject, and will than be put into an altered state to achieve certain results.
Topics shall include;
  • Deep Analysis of your Psychic Mechanism
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide
  • Clairvoyance
  • Healing Self and Others
  • Feeling the touch of a Kindred Spirit
  • Astral Projection

This is an in-depth course where students will lay neural networks that continue developing long after the Psychic Circle ends. This foundation course shall eventually be followed by more advanced studies. It is imperative, no matter how psychic you are, to get the proper foundation in order to build upon the other classes. 

Angel has taught one Circle for nearly 20 years, and looks forward to teaching you not only about metaphysics, but taking those ancient tools and applying them as modern solutions to everyday life. The course is intense and a lot of ground is covered, so if you'e interested please contact us for future Circles.

The cost of the entire series is $400, but please do not pay tuition until an interview is conducted on the phone and you know you are accepted. The aggregate energy of the group must be kept at a high frequency, so only certain types of students will gain entrance. 

All ages are accepted, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!