Bio for Angel

Angel Cusick

Having conducted well over 15,000 case studies on psychic development in London, Angel's established practice was popular throughout all of Europe for many years. Integrating modern psychology with classical metaphysics, Angel has developed breakthrough techniques that activate psychic sensing. Once thought impossible to attain, these methods have been tested and perfected through the multitude of students Angel has trained. Through these techniques, the activation of the Psychic Mechanism that actuates psychic sensing becomes a reality, making it accessible to all.

Having attended the London College of Psychic Studies for nearly 15 years, and granted access to the inner circles for Advanced Psychic Development, Angel has apprenticed with the most distinguished psychics, mediums and healers of our time. Many of her clairvoyant teachers were born in the Victorian era.

Attending the formerly known as Royal National Academy for Medical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at the NHS Hospital in Blackheath, England  (now known as The Hypnotherapy Training institute of Britain). Studying under the world-renowned hypno-anesthesiologist Dr. William Butler PHD, she trained in Applied Psychology for Psychotherapy in Clinical Hypnosis for surgery and criminal investigation (forensics). 

Angel recently received a Certificate of Achievement in Ancient Divination Studies at Harvard University, which was taught by Alyssa Ann Goodman Professor of Applied Astronomy.

Angel also refined psycho-spiritual studies with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in England who work in hospitals, clinics, and other public facilities endorsed by the medical community. She uses these ancient techniques constantly with her students as well as clients.

Angel also recently received a Certificate of Achievement in Contract Law from Harvard UniversityStudying under Professor Fried at Harvard Law School (the longest reigning professor at Harvard University), Angel believes its critical to engage both parts of the mind in order to be a better psychic.

Formal education includes undergraduate work in Psychology and Communications at Ohio University, and a Post Graduate Degree from the prestigious DSL in West London, known for its stringent curriculum in Classical Studies. 

Nominated for the international "New Voices in Literature Award" by Writers Digest, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SOUL is available on Amazon (as all other books, read either as a hard copy, electronic download or as an audible book). Here readers can gain insight with never before published material and secret equations that activate psychic sensing. Angel also has received literary acclaim for A COMPENDIUM OF SOULS, THE SECRET HISTORY OF YOUR SOUL and ANGELIC HEALING SOUPS-where you can find medicinal recipes to help deal with various maladies, disorders and diseases (including cancer), based on ancient formulas and modern scientific research.