Your Christmas Tree for Fortune

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Your Christmas Tree can bring abundance into your life. Loaded with lights, tinsel, garland, bright ornaments and festive decorations, Christmas Trees become potent accelerators of good luck that can enhance the positive (or negative) energies in a room.

The tree need not be living, it’s what festoons it that makes the tree a magnetic force that can electrify your life. It conducts what was known to the ancients as “yang” energy- which is active and live. Its antithesis, “yin” energy is the opposing energy that the “yang” can only shine forth from (a paradox of simultaneous unity and duality as deciphered in dialectical monism). Don’t think of them as opposing forces, rather an opposite force that helps generate the prized objective- but only when actuated correctly.


Where you place the tree can be limiting, but what you place upon it is the key to activating the energy- depending upon its placement in your home. The ancient Feng Shui masters were all about placement contingent on the “Bagua” (a map of where certain energetic tides reside), so when you place a bright object in a certain portion of the bagua, it activates the energies that are contained in one of the 8 different principalities of the Bagua:

Health and Family

Wealth and Abundance

Fame and Reputation

Love and Marriage

Helpful People and Blessings

Career and Path in Life

Spiritual Growth and Cultivation

You can buy a Bagua chart online and place it into any room or the house as a whole. You can Feng Shui your office, bedroom, kitchen or the entire home or even the garage.

There are also portions of the Bagua where you should never stimulate energy or have clutter, it should remain calm and peaceful. So, if you can only put a Christmas Tree in the Northwest sector or Northwest corner of your living room; do not use lights and only decorate in white, silver and gold colors.

In the South sector of your house or South corner of your living room: Use lights, garlands, green and red decorations. Spend as much time as possible here, fill with music, laughter, singing, dancing, and entertaining. Make this sector loud and bright.

In the Southwest sector of your house or Southwest corner of your living room; Use white, silver and blue decorations, and a lot of activity is good here. DO NOT use fire here (i.e. candles and red decorations).

In the Southeast sector of your house or Southeast corner of your living room; Use yellow and red Christmas decorations. It’s also beneficial to light candles in the southeast sector of your home.


In the East sector of your house or the East corner of your living room; Do not hang Christmas lights, and only use blue decorations. Keep it quiet and peaceful, no noise allowed here. Fire is especially bad here (ancients believed it could provoke poisoning, disease and inflammation). No candles, red decorations, or, like mentioned before, lights.

In the West sector of your home or West corner of your living room; Do not use lights or bright colors, only use white, silver or gold decorations.

In the Northeast sector of your house or Northeast corner of your living room; Try not to put bright colors or have too much activity in this sector. Don’t hang Christmas lights and try to use blue decorations.

It goes without saying that  if the tree begins to die, it should immediately be removed (as is the case with dead or dried flowers, spoiled fruit and vegetables). If not, the Chi (or life force) will stagnate and this can cause a bad band of luck.

Just know this year, the luckiest location for your tree is the South West, the South or even the Middle of the living room. Ancient masters who calculated these degrees didn’t put up Christmas trees, so if you don’t have a tree or are unable to use the luckier coordinates, you still can activate the energy. Put up a more modest decoration in those sectors with the suggested colors, and see the abundance pour in.

It’s interesting to note: Feng Shui is Chinese geomancy, literally translating into “wind-water”. All ancient sciences were destroyed in the Dark Ages, except for the Ancient Laws of Feng Shui. Why? Because the scrolls were placed in locations invading marauders would never find- so they Feng Shui’ed the laws which kept them safe over eons of time. In other words, Feng Shui was the only ancient science that preserved its original studies- because they knew exactly where to put it.