Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - for the next 84 years?


Star Charters, Gender Benders and all Sparkly Thinkers,

A momentous even shall occur next month that shall change our world forever.

Enjoy this last month of the Old Age fizzling out, because what you know today shall be long forgotten in the next eight years- and you should bang your tambourines- or go dance nude in the moonlight. On May 15th, 2018 the planet Uranus shall – for the first time in about 84 years- migrate to the constellation of Taurus. It will stay stationed here until April 26th, 2026.

Let’s first understand who Uranus is. Uranus is an outer planet in our galaxy. It takes Uranus 84 years to circle the Sun, so he spends 7- 8 years in each sign which affects everyone of us wherever he is perched. Uranus is the planet of “Surprise!” Things happen fast and furious, completely unexpectedly and in a manner that takes your breath away. Imagine Uranus as a mad scientist with lightning bolts coming out of his head, who works at NASA and is so brilliantly unpredictable he could suddenly decide, during the last moments of the countdown, to send the rocket to Mars instead of the Moon. Uranus challenges us to do something new, better and never allows any boring situations to arise in his presence. While all the dinner guests are finishing dessert, he’s talking on his indigo green walkie-talkie to beings from another dimension. He’s so brilliant other professors fear him, what he decides goes, and he takes no time to radically change everyone’s mind, and takes no prisoners. It’s his way, or the technicolor supersonic highway he built to get there faster.

Uranus is not only the planet of surprise but electricity, science, communication, RADICAL change, the nervous system.  Think of him as a professor at a symposium screaming through the microphone when challenged “HOW DARE YOU PRIMATES QUESTION ME!” as he pulls out a vaporizing gun and erases all traces of antiquated thinkers. The funny thing is, as horrified as we are and stunned by the fast reaction, we are thanking our lucky stars Uranus forced us to leap forward and make such unexpected changes. He’s our hero, but we first think he’s some escaped inmate from the lunatic asylum.

The last time Uranus was in this exact mathematical alignment was in 1935 when the Banking Act was inaugurated and the Social Security Act got started by Roosevelt. Today we couldn’t imagine life without either, which is about to happen to other financial institutions over the next 8 years. Why?

Because Uranus is moving into the constellation of Taurus, and Taurus is all about “Show me the money”.  Taurus is a lot like Lady Godiva- remember the English Noble Woman from the 13th century who rode her horse nude- with only her long hair and perhaps a spritz of perfume?  She was doing this in protest of the heavy taxation her skinflint husband placed on the poor townsfolk of Coventry.

So now picture the Mad Professor and Lady Godiva becoming partners in crime just to help us. Every person on the planet shall be positively impacted, but of course the induction won’t come without shock and awe, and mind-blowing change.

Before we had actual money, we traded in bulls and oxen, thus the word “gold bullions” came into play. The bull is the sign of Taurus, which is to do with money. It’s interesting there’s the statue of a giant bull by the New York Stock Exchange, because now they have also installed the statue of the “fearless girl”-which brings us round to Lady Godiva. So the fearless girl now stands before the ox causing public outcry; but in actuality the raging bull was really the fearless girl all along!

So Taurus is a female energy, who wants to liberate us from whatever has been holding us back financially through the years. The power will go back to the people in regards to any institution that has been ripping us off for years. Taurus rules finance, banking and material prosperity. It will change our regular way of doing things, and we will marvel how we ever did finances without it. The people around the globe will topple corrupt governments, the rising cost of food, housing, and we will see protesting demonstrations for everything as the communication between people becomes more standardized.  There will be abundant civil rebellion as we the people refuse to be taken financially advantage of any longer.

The bank borrows money from the governments for free- yet gets away with charging us outrageous mortgage rates keeping us as indentured slaves. Insurance rates, taxes and every other situation where you feel you over pay are about to come to a swift and final end- and yes this means everything. Whatever you can think of that’s been unfair shall be radically restructured. We shall also witness the induction of crypto-currency, as giant institutions topple and banking goes haywire. Many who are rich now will lose their wealth, trust-funders will be fudged-over, credit cards, taxation, shares, pension schemes will be radically altered for good.

When the dust settles you will look to see a whole new world of finance that has created a better world for all. It will scare and shock you at first but trust you will be thanking the heavens for this long, overdue revival. It’s a time of great financial revolution that will make you shake your head that you were ever taken advantage of in the first place. Don’t put your head in the sand but be ready for this whole new world. While you’re at it, buy a generator because Uranus will cause massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar flares and electricity will at times be sketchy. I already bought my generator because when the time comes you need it all stores will be sold out. Get ready and prepare as we stand on the brink (May 15th,2018), of a whole new financial order, one that will benefit, for once, the common man.